Inspiring: A Peek at the Future of Interactive Storytelling! at I2fly

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A very interesting movie… Iphone + Book = Phone Book?

Inspiring: A Peek at the Future of Interactive Storytelling! at I2fly.

The 5 Traits of Top Salespeople

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Received an email from a Friends of mine…. very interesting topic. I don’t know who is the author but the content is quite good.

Multiple studies have shown that there are differences between top salespeople and ordinary salespeople. To be specific, there are 5 traits of top salespeople that are not presence in ordinary salespeople. They are simply as follows,

Trait #1 - Optimism

Ever notice how the best salespeople tend to look on the bright side? Mitch Anthony, author of “Selling with Emotional Intelligence”, says most top sales professionals, who are at the top of every achievement chart, tend to be optimistic. Optimism also may determine how resilient a salesperson will be.

Trait #2 - Resilience

In simple term, this means the ability to take 10 no’s before you get 1 yes. This is very true as top salespeople never give up. They will keep moving until objectives set are achieved.

Trait #3 - Self-Motivation

Most experts and managers believe this is a trait that cannot be taught. Whether it is being driven by money, recognition or simply pride, the best salespeople tend to have an inherent competitive drive. Therefore, always look for people who hate to lose to be part of your sales force.

Trait #4 - Personality

To put in a simple way, you cannot sell if your customers do not like you. Being friendly and sociable is a hallmark of salespeople who network and maintain long-term customer relationships.

Trait #5 - Empathy

This trait underlies virtually all other emotional intelligence skills, because it involves truly understanding the customer. Experts call it emotional radar or being intuitive and perceptive. Empathetic salespeople tend to have good listening and communication skills.

Hence, to succeed in sales career, you must know exactly what it takes to close sales:

· 3 different levels of customers’ objections

· Analyze product lines to discover your unique selling points

· 6 steps in handling customers’ disagreements

· 5 practical techniques in handling sales objections through

· 5 points sales professional enhancements

· 10 practical and usable tips in active listening skills

· 8 different sales closing techniques

· 5 different sales boosting techniques

Chicken a la Carte - Appreciate our food

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A very nice and very meaningful short video. For those who waste a lot of food, wait until you see the movie below, you will definitely rethink of how you treat your food.

Susan Boyle a beautiful Sound which shock the World

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Saw this video when a friends share it on Facebook. Wow, what a wonderful sound. Do check out the video below. Nice, very nice…

Britain’s Got Talent: Susan Boyle from Nucro on Vimeo.

Sukuk Simpanan Negara Malaysia 2009

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For All the rakyat of Malaysia, do grap this opportunity to aquire this sukuk Simpanan Negara. Got 5% Interest. For more thedetails check out the Bank Negara Malaysia Website.

The ministry of Finance Malaysia had annouced the the issuance of Sukuk Simpanan Rakyat 01/2009 amounting to RM2.5 billion on 14 May 2009. This is the first issue of the two series of 3-year RM2.5 billion sukuk each in 2009. Bank Negara Malaysia has been appointed to issue the sukuk on behalf of the Government.

How to create your wealth???

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dollar sign

Attended an seminar about creating your wealth. It got a few point which quite impress me. Although it is simple but it is quite true.

If we want to change our outcome (results), we have to change our way of doing things(habits) and to change our habit we need to change our belief.

Belief —> Do —> Result

To create wealth, it got 3 step:

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When to cash out your investment?

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Just attended a Financial Seminar, the speaker had share her very good point of view in Investing in Unit Trust. One thing that caught my attention is regarding when to cash out your investment? For me, I had never really thought of this before. Why? Maybe i still new in this investment. Good times is the time for you to earn more on your investment, bad times is the time for you to accumullate more units. Then I only pumping in cash/money to the investment, when is the right time to get out?

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Less Crowd in Malaysia Public Transport System

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Just Take a Train Ride today during the Peak Hours from KL back to Kajang, I can noticed a significant decrease of Crowd in the KTM Station in Bank Negara Station at time around 7pm. The drop of price of Fuel sure make the People to use back their private cars to travel to work, rather to take the public still can come in the train from Midvalley Station very easily. The train ride experience certainly feel a lot better compare during the fuel price hike. Here are some picture I taken during this 2 different period:

1. Crowded People in Train during High Fuel Price ( RM2.70/Liter):

2. Less Crowed People in Station During Lower Fuel Price ( RM2.20/Liter)